Hao Wang (Visiting Scientist, 2014-2015)


Hao Wang’s research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of animal locomotion, including kinematics, dynamics and cybernetics, and applying this knowledge to biomimetic designs. His ongoing projects include animal flight and bionic robots. Hao received his Ph.D. at Tsinghua University on the topic of ‘Locomotion of free flight insects’. He conducted aresearch on active controllability of free-flying insects based on EMG and kinematics as a PI at the University of Tokyo. He is now a Professor at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics.

Selected publications:
Wang, H., Ando, N. and R. Kanzaki. (2008). Active control of free flight maneuvers in a hawkmoth, Agrius convolvuli. Journal of Experimental Biology 211: 423-432.

Wang, H., Zeng, L., Liu, H. and C. Yin. (2003). Measuring wing kinematics, flight trajectory, and body attitude during forward flight and turning maneuvers in dragonflies. Journal of Experimental Biology 206:745-757.